Mr. Yogesh Kashinath Kalan

Masala tin is an intrinsic part of households in India. The essence of culinary depends on the quality, aroma, and freshness of the spices.

Kalan Masale offers a wide range of masale products from pure spices to whole ones, sprinklers to blended spices.

Kalan Masale based in Pen, Raigad is expanding its empire in other parts of the countries too. Kalan Masale also offers its services to foreigners who want to add spice to their food

Our mission is to thrive for excellence in masale to add spice in the life of people at large. We strive to provide our customers with the best quality products maintaining food safety and meeting regulatory norms.

Yogesh Kashinath Kalan, the man behind Kalan Masale has strived hard at his young age to build the empire of Kalan Masale. The great poet, eclectic writer, and composer of more than 250 poems have always endeavored for the betterment of people.

The company’s functioning from mainstream operations to management is looked after by the women team. The functions are carried by Mrs. Anjali Kalan and Mrs. Tejashree Deshmukh. Kalan Masale is empowered by women’s force.